Thursday, 2 February 2012

Kick'em where it hurts
                                 photo by STR/AP

Is this how Egyptians can be quashed in their search for independence? For liberation of what the regime of old continues to dictate? There are so many ways to destroy morale, to make people wish the revolution had never taken place but unless we are hit by a bullet we will never know how unbearably tragic such a despondency would be.
The undercurrents that prevail throughout this revolution are like insidious parasitic creepers who with unlimited hooked appendages dig deep into the flesh of a throbbing living entity: Egypt. They sway the tide their way, money talks and continues to talk even when  sources are umasked.
If the rest of the world isn't already fed up with Egypt's plight, it seems only a matter of time before the price seems too high even for them. This is the very aim of the outflow, the sewage of those who fight surreptitiously, continuously, relentlessly against the movement for genuine reform.

In short: Egypt does not want to be at war with the world. Egypt wants a chance to stand on its own. Result: Egypt is dissed.
If the aim is to portray Egyptians as unworthy rabble then the perverse, guileful and perfidious tactics are indeed honing their efforts towards scoring a bull's eye. Egyptians cannot be seen as having any credentials and fortuitiously for those seeking to discredit them to the core: people quickly forget what they witness with their own eyes on a global scale. The slurs and distorted images soon begin to prevail in deep-seated anti-arab speculation. 
It may be a moral obligation for those who disagree and know what stares them in the face cannot be unfounded to feel obliged to give voice to their perspectives. Clutching at straws? Perhaps.

And yet, Egypt can but call on that.

Egypt mourns. Egyptian spirit that shone only recently yet again on January 25th 2012 takes the blows but cannot fall down to a count. And yet, the bloodshed that has been may only indicate more to come. Is the fight futile? The fact that it is a fight, a war between hope and despair perhaps says it all. 
Can the following link every be reviewed or labelled as outdated? Regrettably not. For one simple reason: It speaks the truth; it relays to fact, to history as it unfolds before our very eyes and most of us can but stand by and watch.
We would do well to pay heed and not ignore:
"And that's done over and over again. It doesn't always work, but it's always tried." "It's completely routine and that's what's going on in Egypt" Noam Chomsky

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