Thursday, 31 May 2012

word on the STREET


Street art on Mogamma building in Tahrir Square, reading: "A true revolutionary completes his revolution." The work was made during the July sit-in and was later painted over by authorities.
"The true revolutionary is he who completes his revolution"

"We are all Egyptians"

 "The choice can't be between a religious state and an autocratic state. Then we have done nothing,"  
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Street art on Mogamma building in Tahrir Square from the July sit-in, showing Mubarak behind the scenes pulling the SCAF's marionette strings. The graffiti was later painted over.

Freedom to vote or 
sheer manipulation 
of voting process?


 A popular view 
among those who support the revolution.

From battle to ballot: Egypt's graffiti revolution
When papering over the cracks is not an option

‏Photo: مـــكــــمّـــلـِـــــــين
وهنعمل من الشروخ أشجار :)‏ 

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

hAnGiNg in and on

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"Revolution is
not a onetime event."
 Audre Lorde
Martyrs of the revolution.
Location: Alexandria corniche
Martyrs of the revolution.
Location: Alexandria corniche

"I know and all the world knows, that revolutions never go backwards." 
William Henry Seward

"The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it." 
Abbie Hoffman
Egyptian graffiti 1
Jack Shenker writes: "And it's that energy which those who benefit from the status quo, from western governments to multinational corporations, really fear....."

"........Contrary to popular perception, Egypt has been a nucleus of radical dissent throughout its history, and certainly long before the anti-Mubarak uprising exploded."

Christians protect Muslims during prayer in Cairo, Egypt.
  Source: @NevineZaki

The revolution will be there in our ethos for a long time.. come what may..    
 Presenter Yosri Foda continues to bring us programmes that remain tapped into the spirit of the revolution rather than giving disproportionate attention to variants of it that have emerged since. Egypt is almost reliant on such programmes if it is to survive; if it is to remain focused; if it is to realise change with emphasis on reform and not regression.
 May Egypt find a way forward and may future generations reap the rewards however dire the efforts prove to be for current ones.

The Egyptian spirit is not under threat and if in this we believe, the way forward is inevitable, with respect to all the nation's lush diversity. 
For all acquainted with the Arabic language please find a link of a programme recently aired. 
May a transcription soon become available. 
Graffiti images being erased~ Mohamad Mahmoud Street, Cairo*

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chronic Repeats ~ Massacre.

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       Wednesday 2nd May 2012 @ Abbasseya, Cairo

 "The  thugs who carried out the attacks were on foot and had their faces covered... [They used] live bullets, molotov cocktails, bricks and tear gas..."
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At a guess, these thugs are on a mission armed with equipment akin to that used by security police and armed forces.
"There appears to be no will within Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to prevent these tragic events. After the weekend attack, the authorities should have been prepared for the violence."

Mideast Egypt Cairo protests

The eyes speak, but of what ... victim questioning his fate or thug paid off ?~ it's difficult to see beyond the gore. Images like this begin to confuse rather than clarify.
However, one thing is clear: the people have no protection. Any peaceful protest is threatened by the infiltration of savage thuggery before it can resume any momentum of its own. Even for those who choose to remain in the comfort of their own homes, security in Egypt has become little more than an elusive luxury.

Among laypeople, speculation  varies vastly. Covert scenarios, conspiracies and orchestration appear to be  manifold so that confusion rather than clarification is the overriding predicament. Some believe thugs are a natural progression of an anarchic and misguided protest movement while others believe they are simply armed forces in civilian clothes or stripped to their underwear. Furthermore, there is a growing clash between imported extremism and regular folk. Egyptians of all generations are used to diverse cultural backgrounds co-existing peacefully in their communities but there now appears a growing rift in that very rooted ideology. Some believe it is due to Islamist extremism while others are convinced the divide is enforced through plain and simple funding. Perhaps it would be equally fair to say that many believe the two are not necessarily separate and that furthermore they can be exploited and used to turn the tide back to 'old regime'.
Dr. Mohamad Elewa is witness to events.
In an interview with presenter Yosri Foda, Dr. Elewa describes how armed individuals of a non-determinable source turned the hospital 'Dar el-Shifa' to which the greater number of the injured and dead were delivered, into a slaughterhouse. Upon entry of non-determinable individuals, a residing patient had his belly slit open which led to instant death. More often than not, accompanying victims and casualties are anxious family members. This appears to have allowed this insidious and unrelated entity to infiltrate the hospital grounds. The security police, armed forces and Ministry of Interior affairs were all notified immediately and no less than a dozen times but none appeared on the scene until events had severely escalated and innocent family of the injured and dead, grouped up by Intensive Care Units and mortuary were brutally gunned down. Dr. Elewa says  the scene was one resembling a civil war.  
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Nobody knows who is responsible.                                                                         

Egypt's Future
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  One thing, says Dr. Elewa is clear: 'Even if we were to put all conspiracies aside, where are armed forces and security police when needed?  Succinctly he adds: 'Why do the armed forces assume it is okay to rule us when they see it as unnecessary to protect us?'
The public prosecutor himself was assaulted upon arrival on the scene and the web of intrigue and deception grows so wide it engulfs every possible angle left open to question and the people's morale is like glass crushing under pressure. 
Civilians whether protesting or not appear to be capable of little else than to await more of the same, each time with a little more gore and a little more unfathomableness involved.
 But if the revolution has taught us anything it's that although spirits may be broken, ever new determination and cries for justice rise tangibly over and over again from the embers of anguish and horror.


Yosri Foda interview submitted by Sh.elS 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Judge's Bite

'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'

 'Luqmat El-Qadi' = 'The Judge's Bite' ~morsel
(waffle balls)
"A new Egypt. A 'people to people' talk".
El-Sit Ghalia
Ghalia = Valuable
 El-Sit = a respectable term denoting 'woman in charge'

In order to fully test something you may need to experience it yourself. 
With Egyptian food, even when humble in ingredients, taste buds obtain a degree of exalted sophistication!

"When an Egyptian news channel reflecting the aims of the Tahrir Square revolutionaries introduced some light relief to the schedules, it inadvertently created a new star more popular than the news coverage."

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Simple oven rice high in flavour
Saneyet batatis/Potato and veg casserole (meat optional)
Basic nutritious desserts

Creamy oriental pastry with nuts & sultanas (OM ALI)
Mother of Ali  

Oriental garnished rice pudding

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