Thursday, 26 January 2012

Carrying the torch through

"While Scaf has the guns as well as the power of state media and de facto authority, and the Islamists have their grassroots appeal through their religiously charged rhetoric, the revolutionaries have nothing but their dogged determination and their unwavering conviction that justice will in the end prevail. As such, they are decidedly a force that cannot be ignored. The new parliament will soon have to choose on which side it will finally be."
Amira Nowaira
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(Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images) 

Egyptian protesters hold up an obelisk with the names of those killed during last year's uprising, at a huge rally in Tahrir Square on January 25, 2012, marking the first anniversary of the uprising that toppled president Hosni Mubarak as a debate raged over whether the rally was a celebration or a second push for change.  
Mustafa el Salmawy 

And so the 25th January 2012 ~ an unerring perseverence to carry the obelisk and light up the square not unlike an Olympic torch that must not be put out before it reaches its rightful destination.

Extreme Islamists, having coaxed the poor with provisions and promises through their charitable work in the hope of gaining votes went a step further in an attempt to form a coalition with the army who is presently not in favour due to its betrayal of the protestors. Consequently the majority of the people marching through the city ignored the more or less cordoned areas the party  'Justice and Freedom' had engaged and proceeded in their millions to walk the length of the greater part of the city from El-Mansheya to destination point Sidi Gaber Military Headquarters.
photo by Ahmed Ali Ghoneim Fares

a giddy angle of the march. evocative of the perseverence and enthusiasm among the people celebrating and avering their stance since 25th Januray 2011

The revolution will not fail
The malice and spite of the people who try to hijack its cry for personal gain will not be tolerated for longer than need be. The hope shines through in spirits that are untainted, in attitudes that battle against adulterated compromise.

all march with heads held high


Amira Nowaira said...

A great collection of photos. Truly staggering. Keep up the good work:)

amiraT said...

w/thanks to Hala Halim for photos sent in and Shadia El Soussi for photos and shared info.
Amira Nowaira's article a 'must read'in full while listening to mellifluous tones of Hamza Namira