Friday, 21 December 2012

A Universal Bond

This post is in honour of a perception so intrinsically valuable to our world, applicable anywhere and everywhere.

Speculations emanating from hyped fabrications of the mind,founded and unfounded both being equally significant,are such as envelop Egypt today. With regard to old and present rule, the world of politics appears to have engulfed the whole of society in an aura of disbelief with immense distrust harboring the minds of individuals on every scale of social standing.

How important it is for a country where struggle is rife to break barriers brought up by superficial labelling and classification according to appearances alone cannot be overstated.

Tarek Sherif, in his insightful approach has tapped in on the very psyche that controls a nation in a global sense and as depicted in his study of Thien V's photography which is one governed by the capture of a subtlety of essence with an understated political impact. 

The perceptive article with its specifically chosen photos speaks for itself.

Tarek writes: “I’m in the business of translating what cannot be translated: being and its silence.” - Charles Simic
"The fundamental unit of Thien’s work is, I believe, the human solitude. This is most apparent, of course, in images of individuals."
"The political, after all, is a collective dynamic, defined by our interactions with one another. And the power of Thien’s work lies in the fact that the political emerges naturally through the composition of these individual solitudes."
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Thursday, 20 December 2012

No wiser today than yesterday

  Listening to the original intentions of Mr.Morsy and his party
before the controversial constitution reared its head
so very confused with only gut instinct to go by: Although the MB and the constitution itself may leave much to be desired.. some things just don't sit right and i feel that obscurity of pandemonium has roots of its own 

All, as predicted, has come true:
sabotage and clever manipulation
Who incites and who controls perception, invisible to a people
hindered by an inherent distrust of one another
Any chance to put the country right~ swept clean away  ~
So with morale in mind all i will add is this edited photo of Egypt, the land.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Facebook glimpse

I address this to people who have read the consitution and are sure they are in full accordance with it. Equally, I address this to people who have no idea of the constitution.
Is it really the constitution that alienates the people and is it really the consitution that is the main issue of contention today? I ask, for I understand it demands legally trained eyes to decipher it. I ask for unless it contains new laws that are non-organic to Egypt's customs and common practices it would actually appear quite irrelevant.

Here is the crux of the matter:
A true leader should know when he has failed to bring a country together and with some dignity, sacrifice his position for the sake of a country's welfare. A people who have shed 30 years of dictatorship need to find their own footing~ Dialogue cannot be achieved in a climate where such rife contention presides, not to mention the 'trial-like' vote of yay or nay.

When will those in charge realise they cannot simply bulldoze their way through...

I do not expect to reply to lectures received as comments, for that would simply denote my point has not been registered.
I repeat, rightly or wrongly, consitution or no constitution: A true leader should know when he has failed to bring a country together and with some dignity sacrifice his position for the sake of a country's welfare.
Sh.elS: Absolutely spot on - in total agreement with all the above. However, on top of all this, you so well put, is, indeed, the constitution which according to 'legally trained eyes' brings us backwards and not forwards as a nation on a number of levels - hence it is 'the main issue of contention' today. It has 'alienated' people beyond any doubt - no matter how objective we try to to be on this matter.

I love Egypt

Salafi and MB members pictured in flagrant use of weapon
Photo: ‎الصورة دى مش فى أفغانستان ! الصورة دى فى مصر بعد النهضة‎

Friday prayers laced with political preaching to vote YES
leads to violence bloodshed and tears 


د. البرادعي : احنا بقالنا 1400 سنه مسلمين، ما اكتشفناش الاسلام النهاردة، واللي وصلناله ده بسبب اننا مطبقناش الاسلام، مطبقناش مقاصد الاسلام، احنا مش معترضين على الشريعة — with Eng-ahmed Ismail.
Pictured sad and despondent here, Dr. ELBaradei states: "For over 1400 years we have been muslims; we have not just discovered Islam but what we embark upon today is due to not meeting its basic principles~* We have no bone to pick with Sharee3a itself."
*Its primary purpose being to bring a people together in peace and unity in their aspiration to understand and reach out to one another regardless of the faith they adopt~ ultimately achieved through love for their Maker, the One and Only~ No coercion of any kind validating such a pursuit.
"Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding."
~Mahatma Gandhi

Song Link:
  • amiT clever how it sounds like chanting~ invoking the spiritual

  • Sh.elS Originally a Sayed Darwish song - Egyptians need to be reminded of their glorious past -their heritage - lest they forget who they were/are - their vision blurred and distorted by their present predicament that evokes the dark ages.

    Song link:
as posted by N.Elkouni

N.Elkouni : Egypt speaks but will anyone listen...

submissions by Sh.elS and N.Elkouni

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Season's Greetings

An alternative message for good reason one way or another
come what may

 Not what you would expect?

Signs in image above read:
No to the constitution
May Allah have mercy upon martyrs of solidarity
Fear Allah Oh Mr. President!

Protest march ~ ordinary anxious folk

Site note:
One solution Revolution! Share this news far and wide!

****Protesters in Mahalla, the largest industrial city in Egypt, threw out the head of their city council, Friday night, and announced their autonomy from the “Muslim brotherhood” state.

“We no longer belong to the Ikhwani state,” they announced from the city council.**** source:

Sunday, 9 December 2012

'MORSI Past the Point of NO RETURN' Jadaliyya

       Noting the smaller print in image below
Anonymous ART of Revolution
Mr ElBaradei was chosen on Dec. 5 as coordinator for the newly unified secular opposition. He urged Mr. Morsi and his allies to “see what is happening in the Egyptian street, the division, the polarization. This is something that  leads us to violence and worse.” 
Below is a link to an article by Hesham Sallam ~ a 'Must Read' or 'Listen to'  
in times where the media appears to manage little more than the most simplistic accounts, sharing sensational headlines and bulletins weighted with speculations lacking in worthy analysis

                                 ~ finding the right tools ~ the right climate~
Anonymous ART of Revolution

Friday, 7 December 2012

RED CARD                               'The rule of a leader is void of validity and all legitimacy once he is unable to stop the bloodshed of his people'   

Bilal Fadl Screenplay writer and Columnist in 'el masry elyoum' ~ in perhaps the most lucid and fair sum-up of Egypt's present predicament, interview with Yosri Foda, in arabic :

Running theme of interview: '...  Upon his instatement, President Morsy promised he would resign were he to fail the people and be requested to do so. The request has been accentuated for not only has he failed but must, as ruler, be seen to be accountable for the  bloodshed of even his own party members.
Aside from having  lost his finger on the pulse of the street in just a few months of presidency he has blundered catastrophically and not managed to cut away from the old rule of dicatorship and its principles but flagrantly propagated them instead. The very validity and lawfulness of his election depended primarily upon severance from the preceding era's violations that led to corruption and bloodshed. Instead, ever since coming into power, not only have breaches been incurred on a daily basis but blood has been spilled through violence inflicted by those following a sold, tainted ideology of askew religious convictions. 

Whether he resigns or not, Morsy has failed as president~ not only politically but ethically and even criminally. He faces a dead end street with walls closing in~ and yet imagines he can ignore the red card~ Were he to consider immediate withdrawal and with that invite new elections to take place, salvaging the nation to some degree might yet be possible. If  not, then any other outcome could cost the nation dearly~ too dearly to contemplate. Where is his pledge, in the name of no other than Allah himself, to serve the will of the people?  

MB propounds pounding women
For the time-being, with Morsy's defiant stance to remain in power,

Christians forming protective circle
around Muslims noon prayers
anyone considering the way forward to be through attack would be guided by folly for they would be fighting people armed to the hilt, thugs incensed by aberrations of religious thought, employed for as little as a can of beans or its likes, to do the bidding of brainwashed dictations.

 No, the only possible way forward at present would be to continue in peaceful protest~ 
a resistance laying pressure upon the ruling party and making them accountable for all that can or does go wrong until resulting favourably in new elections. We may have only just got rid of a president only to be seen to wish get rid of another ~ but that is no more than the people's right. There may be more of the same  until a climate conducive to reform of the nation's original as well as evolving ethos presents itself, the revolution cannot be over but must run its course.'

Fragmented snippets of the interview here are only very loosely translated and lack considerably in carrying through the finer points of the detailed analogies touched upon, some of the most enlightened kinds I have come across so far.  
Belal Fadl says it as it is, free of bias or ungrounded opinion, his views are not only solidly but tangibly backed up. He explains how sadly misled the party in power has become and points out performance deficiencies as well as evident transgressions. It is relevant to note that Belal Fadl would formerly have been among the first to defend rights when persecution of MB members was rife. He emphasises that even were their present ideologies to hold water, they would still be in direct contradiction with the principles of Islam they supposedly represent and that even if they believed it to be the only way forward they would nevertheless have to back down with the onset of becoming indubitably instrumental in the spilling of blood of peaceful protesters and of their very own followers. 
With some hopefulness I can but await a transcript of the interview in English or a subtitled version of the video if or whenever one becomes available. Sharing here only a smidgen, with readers who stumble across this blog, is sadly all I find possible to do in such intensely acute, direly critical times. 
Perhaps underlying the general confusion we can only put our faith into our creed whatever our religion may be embracing true Islam that always shines through ~in the bigger picture,  free of exploitation and coercion,  proving itself over and over again to be a faith to aspire to rather than shun.

May the next few days bring along peace and may the consciences of all be fully present while we find ourselves in the process of quite possibly shaping if not sealing a country's fate.
Egypt in pictures: Michael Petrou: 


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Red flag Black

Click to show "Black Flag" result 14
Threat of anarchy

Shark sightings'

جريدة الوطن fb
Egyptian weather flag

EGYPT today:

RED  flag for WARNING is rapidly changing to BLACK for DANGER. 
Why and how peaceful protests are turning nasty and violent is what really matters and yet, this is exactly what appears not to occupy the minds of those who are taking part.
Rage, hatred and extreme animosity among two major parties dominate the crowds lured into an arena of uncertain outcome.
Protest is now a euphemism. 
Although undoubtedly driven by the aims of the revolution
 this upheaval appears ostensibly tainted.
                                                                                                 EGYPT NOW
 SO many puppeteers operating it that it beggars all belief.
Consitution and absurd declarations aside, having a front man take all the blame for absolutely everything is always convenient a measure to be exploited to the max if only so that the real operators, all seeking to gain control are enabled to manipulate the battlefield in ways we can only ever scratch the surface of.
                                                                                      EGYPT not so long ago
 All is never what it seems and even though the people's resolve may appear certain and adamantly defiant the present scenario is not only obtuse but one riddled by severe refraction. 
fbWild for Wildlife and Nature
If the Muslim Brotherhood is vanquished only Military Rule can emerge, in so far as prognosis would indicate. Perhaps one of these two organisations may appear far more shunned than the other, depending on which side your vote lies, however both have a blighted history.   Swapping image and reinventing themselves has become part and parcel of their very essence:  One day revered and the next smeared.

Anonymous ART of Revolution

Morale fluctuates between the high and the low due to fear barricades crumbling at every turn. 

Suspended but tangible is the sense of foreboding~ 
ominous the people's plight.

May tomorrow bring us calm. There can be no rush for any kind of democracy without at the very least a modicum of tolerance, on all sides.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Go Fish~ a simple game

The Egyptian people have a right to protest.  
There has been no relief
Alexandria today

 حلمت بالميدان قبل ان يسكنه الملايين
View more here:
Post inspired by a beautiful if willful little girl called Maya playing 'Catch as many fish as you can'.
Where precocious little Maya is concerned, neither rule nor parental advice count for more than insignificant distractions.  
If the colourful plastic little fish appear reluctant to participate, then prising open their mouths with chubby little index finger of one hand and a firm grip on their fat little torsos with the other is no more than a mere practicality.  
Rod inserted, magnet attracts~ game over.
Modest attire aside, head scarves aside... 
THIS is an entirely different kettle of fish
الدفـاع عـن المسلميـن في كل انحـاء العالـم
 How does this symbolise our love for religion? Creepy outlandish, sad and stifling shrouds of darkness are now seen as epitomes of chastity and indisputable devoutness~ They have become the new Religion like the long black shadows of all light. 
Moreover and in all fairness: Tolerance, the key to all religion does not appear to be part of the equation nowadays, whether for or against its much flaunted practices.
Don't make a non-believer of me

If you are a believer you must prove you are one by not only accepting the trend but becoming uniform with it or else risk being termed a misfit~ at very best to be tolerated and patronised.   
Hence no wonder that the mouths of many are  forced open to catch the bait or else perceive themselves 'woefully branded' as non-believers.  

*"لا إكراه فالدين"*
No coercion in Religion

But for every one of those who succumb to such pressure and who are thus quite helplessly manipulated into the political arena, there are those who value their own freedom as well as the freedom of others: the God-given freedom of choice~ dress code included ~ among much more intrinsic and subtle values.