Thursday, 14 August 2014

Dismiss and Derail.

 Rightly or wrongly, the prevailing motto appears to be the following:

either one.. but preferably the first. In other words: whatever you believe, say, think or do.....
Just don't blame it on that which actually caused either.
It would seem that the January revolution is thwarted either way. Seen as either having led to MB rule and subsequently present Military rule (for which it appears present rule is not grateful) or then to be that factor which led to nothing but chaos and anarchy.
Rightly or wrongly the MB came into power after the people took to the streets to depose a dictator of 30 years.
There remain a few indisputable points to be made:
~Those who are deemed guilty of wrongdoing among the brotherhood are not necessarily those who were killed in the massacre that the supposed second revolution led up to,
~ and just like there are MB members accountable for the wrongdoings that occurred during the MB’s short rule there are definitely those accountable for the massacre of so many civilians; civilians who believed all they were doing was sit in protest for what they felt had been the result of their elections. Everyone knows someone who was unarmed and therefore unjustly killed, or knows of someone who knows someone.

What is my point? The first paragraph is my point.

Having written this with little to offer for an improved morale, a faint memory was triggered ~ upon seeing an older post realised why ~