Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Sadness doesn't begin to describe how we feel but what grieves me most is the lack of empathy and actual acceptance and even willingness to have all of Gaza and its good people not only ignored but outrightly sacrificed. The Egyptian spirit is at an all-time low to set itself a world apart from an instinctive natural and human response. I am not saying 'fight' .. No- Just STAND AND BE COUNTED in SPIRIT -      
Each in our own way has something to give - we may not manage to collectively stand but we individually exist and that's what unites us best. We are NOT badly wired automatons. 

Yes, Egypt in theory may well feel it can only ever fall between the devil and the deep sea however ignoring the reality of pain and suffering has no pretext. NONE. There can be no excuse, no justification whatsoever for it being allowed - yes 'allowed' to go on.
"Oh no - we're not falling for that one.. We're not getting sucked in.. We are a poor people" (say the rich, for the poor have no say) and "too bad for Gaza, we will have nothing to do with it" 
THAT just doesn't cut it.
No ~ there can be NO excuse, NO justification -  

Do we set ourselves apart from the whole world and people everywhere standing up and saying "Count me in - STOP this massacre -STOP these killings of nothing other than innocent children." I think not. There is no solace nor can there ever be any comfort in that... Unless we truly DO become badly-wired automatons.

We all know, deep inside of every one of us that we should be standing as one - STANDING .. in total solidarity with Gaza, with the children ~ those present this very minute and perhaps gone forever the next ~ or if not gone, then altered; maimed and marred for life. If we do not know that, then we are nothing other than deficient. Deficient not of intellect nor of common sense nor of any kind of savviness but of something far more important, our very own, nobody else's but our very own humanity. 
Many would have us believe that standing and being counted is wrong, unwise, even politically suicidal ... and so we can only ask: What is more wrong.. Worse than what we see with our own eyes .. Children dying and maimed before our very eyes.. ? They might as well be asking us to blind ourselves, for what can be more wrong than turning a blind eye to THIS THAT WE SEE..? If we continue to do so then we truly deserve what we will almost surely ultimately get. 

Here is a conscience-pricking clip if ever there was one:
"... because for us it is no priority whatever to stop it; Our United Nations, Our Government,  Our World is not that interested. The fact that you're watching this, that you've chosen to watch it, means that you're actually motivated to do something... and that in the end is the greatest hope that people in Gaza have."

Shedding light on this issue here is a clip with Phyllis Bennis, a writer, analyst and activist on Middle East and UN issues for many years:
"Occupier has obligations and these obligations do not include using military force AGAINST the occupied population."