Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Open wounds...

... find song buried in the heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjZyZlamUYA
"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people"
"Culture of the mind           
 must be subservient to the heart." 
Egyptians have little if any confidence in Scaf's Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi's promise of a partial lift to the prevailing emergency law since it comes with a proviso that the lift cannot include the crimes committed by 'thugs'.. presumably such  individuals as depicted above, a protestor holding his head in his arms. A man able to do little more. The law mentions nothing of hired thugs or armed military personnel ordered to fire.
Cynicism prevails. And yet orchestrated transgressions continue to augment.
 Graffiti of Egyptian youths killed in clashes depicted on the walls of the capital Cairo [EPA]

With so much blood already lining a shrouded revolution, it would seem unlikely that the sacrifice comes to a halt before more blood is shed.  For those killed for daring to speak, for those doing little more than rightfully opposing unjust authority and for those who remain behind to carry forth the challenge~ no sacrifice appears too great.
And yet, with every new spurt of enthusiasm generated in order to carry the nation through these tempestuous times the odds mount up further and more ascerbically than ever.
Momentum shifts from a people's aspiring surge to a crush by military and regime that still controls only to be followed by another upsurge and another more violent pulverisation.
The end to the struggle is not in sight for unlike a match that may tie in the end, here there cannot be a draw. 
Until the people are seen to receive 'some' justice not even the fringes of reconciliation are likely to come into sight.
left and right, activist Salma Said, before and after. "An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so." M.Ghandi
                                                                                      (poster photo courtesy of Mahmoud Salem)

 AP Photo/Ahmed Hassan

The face of a casualty in the wake of so many dead, killed with not even their name to be remembered by those who pulled the trigger.

Managing profound grief and chagrin so deep is no easy feat, but the inimitable spirit that rises above cannot be suppressed.
Egyptians channel their fears, hopes and determination by tapping into a deep-seated, bottomless well of solidarity; a wealth of national spirit surfacing continuously in visible conviviality and artistic expression.
We may even go so far as to say that "expression" has become something of a religion to be practised vibrantly in Egypt today.
Defiant and disparaging of the gunmen and their deadly ammunition, the following is a casually challenging address with the catchy chorus of: 'kharateesh kharateesh kharateesh, nasshin ya shaweesh!' Cartridges .. cartridges.. cartridges.. aim, aim & fire! fire! blast! blast! Oh soldier...!

 AP photo

Unlike blood-stained streets, tears and dreams are not swept away. 
Instead, find their way into endless song:

(audio-visual links provided by Nadia Elkouni and through SaraH's ever-assimilating wall on Facebook)

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amiraT said...

Another beautiful song link has just been submitted by Nadia Elkouni. Words echo and perpetuate the sad theme of the post whilst morale is lifted towards song's conclusion through lyrics of sheer determination and hope.