Thursday, 9 February 2012

Clean-up. Easy.

 A municipal worker cleans Mohamed Mahmoud street in central Cairo, the scene of deadly riot police clashes with protesters [AFP]
Whilst viewing the above video we would do well to bear in mind SCAF's statement saying a strike would 'pull down the economy and risk chaos.'

Perhaps no threat in light of the present economy and daily chaos, but if that isn't a warning we can but wonder what is.
 'You bring it upon yourselves' 
seems to resound as an echo surrounding the call for reform
When smite fails
Assume the voice of reason
And blame the victims
"The current crisis with the Egyptian government has escalated to such a level that it now threatens our long-standing partnership. There are committed opponents of the United States and the US-Egypt relationship within the government in Cairo who are exacerbating tensions and inflaming public opinion in order to advance a narrow political agenda. At the same time, there are people of good will in both countries, civilian and military, who are working hard to resolve this crisis. This cannot happen soon enough."
If the above statement is perceived in good faith then it may appear equally reasonable to assume foreign policies should be not only  addressed but considerably reviewed. Instead, we are left with only the most poignant perpetuating quandary of all: Who continues to pay the price? 

Little other than a brief revisit to Noam Chomski's birds eyeview in:

That’s what’s happening in Egypt

  is required:


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