Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Friend of the People.

The army is nothing... if not a friend and an ally of the people.
However, although the army is meant to serve in the best interests of the people, once it is given ultimate rule, its power becomes unmitigated.

Clearly, wherever power is concerned, balance of a kind is essential.

Any party unchallenged would bring about the same results; injustices prevailing, corruption escalating and the down and outs of society inevitably becoming more and more pronounced.

The way many of us see it is that unless political parties lay their differences aside, moderate their egos and work together to form a separate yet cohesive entity, one strong enough to represent citizens across the board.. then there can be no shift away from Military regime and detrimentally the army will never be allowed to focus on what it should do best: serve, defend and protect.

The problem we have at present is that people revel in declaring they are either for or against the army. That should never be the case. 

The army is nothing if not a friend and an ally of the people.

However, cheering the regime for its tangible discrimination is not conducive to national unity, in fact it may be felt as nothing short of insulting; for those who have suffered, for those who have died and for those who continue to suffer and die at the hands of the astringent mistrials and sentences pronounced, too often without so much as a legitimate charge. Also equally insulting to the soldiers who are killed in crossfire, for either being incapable of judgement or for following blindly the bidding of ill-advised and ill-advising superiors.

Cheering moreover is tangibly felt to bear antagonistic undertones; as if to proclaim nothing took place of any significance in the political arena, as if the people of Egypt have now got it right once again and better than ever before, with the poorer faction seen as an inevitable side issue.. an inevitable consequence of nothing other than population explosion rather than one linked to drastically absent welfare. Most poignantly of all cheering as if all those nationals, citizens and soldiers alike who gave up their lives in a dream fight against corruption never mattered nor will ever matter or count at all.. cheering of the kind, in blunt terms, is nothing short of distasteful. For many good people it may well appear to hold national pride but sadly, at closer inspection, all it does is bow to the dictates of rhetoric.
I would go so far as to say it is pathetic to cheer an obviously strong regime that fails to deliver on a number of serious issues affecting all its citizens. After all, we cannot repeat often enough: The army is nothing... if not a friend and an ally of the people.

So dare to look closely enough and touch what lies beneath the surface and you will see that most people are not against military personnel themselves nor against the poor soldiers who on a continuous basis give up their lives for the country whenever and wherever called for.. 

NO, not against, quite the contrary. They simply do not cheer the regime itself for a reason.. a reason validated by nothing other than conscience; a pure and unadulterated conscience. We do not even have to have taken part in the January 2011 uprising to have one but we do have to remain in touch with our humanity to perceive one actually exists.

The following video is expressive of so much that has taken place and that continues to bubble under the surface. It is purely visual. 
The words uttered at the end simply establish it as one of many perspectives and the makers encourage others to take part in presenting their own.