Thursday, 29 October 2015

Egyptian Cotton Fibre~ a fine parable of Egyptian integrity

Cotton harvesting in a field in Benha, Egypt. Photograph: Bloomberg
Egyptian cotton fibre is small in diameter but quite strong
Egyptian cotton hangs by thread after state subsidy axed
The above is merely shared as an analogy.
  I never thought this would happen. I've always found Egyptian 'give and take' endearing in its bonhomie and humour and do so to this day. Thankfully it still prevails in buckets full.

However, skin-deep weirdness (such as that brought about by unnecessary plastic surgery) we see only too often worldwide seems to have embedded itself in Egypt's culture which I hoped would remain free of it. When I say embedded, I mean it is no longer skin deep. It has been digested, absorbed and regurgitated.
We all know how wonderful it is when beauty shines from within.. sadly its counterpart has come into fashion. Ugliness and distortion glares from without.

Good people everywhere, in all walks of life, appear helplessly subjected to insolence and snobbery on a daily basis. The very fabric of society appears to be disintegrating from fresh cotton and pure silk into rank nylon and sweaty polyester. 

A palpable example would be how some female TV presenters don't appear to know the first thing about addressing issues without first and foremost involving their egos... and when the cat claws come out it becomes clear that all they are out to do is 'outdo' one another... in bad manners and arrogance!

There are milieus and milieus... choosing or wishing to belong to one may come at a cost.

Egyptian cotton fibre is small in diameter but quite strong *
 Egypt has been and continues to be going through times so challenging that the pressures of belonging are like strong colours that begin to run into one another in a hot wash and national identity is wearing thin.

For anyone with self-motivation, three options appear to exist:
1) Sling back the mud
2) Develop a thicker skin
3) Opt out of the equation and do your own thing.

The latter may be the most favourable when it comes to integrity and the the preserving of your own true sustainable identity which is what a society, a nation... is ultimately made up of.