Sunday, 28 July 2013

River Red/ Joy on hold

Bearing unbearable witness # Need for respite
Many 'believe' the present culling and killing in the name of cleansing is a sanctioned enterprise. 

How is persecuting a group of people for their religious beliefs any better than being persecuted? The act of persecution itself is the evil and the act itself cannot be sanctioned no matter what 'cause' or 'cleansing' banner it upholds.  
Youssef slain by thugs/police?: a mother now mourns
All violence and oppression backed by power is abhorrent, inhumane and unjust.

sign reads: unidentified

The whole Egyptian scenario distinctly feels orchestrated right from the start with uncanny destabilisation in mind. Although, many Egyptians would appear blissfully oblivious, due to a dire need for relief and respite, a substantial number are being taught a lesson to tow the line now or die. Those who will concede happily believing their cause has been fought and won will quite as easily be duped into thinking they are actually in charge. As for those who don't concede, the polarisation in Egypt will cause them to either suffer being victimised or force them into submission in order to get by. More danger lies in the outward appearance people are judged by and oppression has unlimited facets.

If democracy is all about inclusion rather than exclusion, many would say that at present, the road to even a hint of democracy in Egypt appears as far as it is long.
Were we to focus on nothing but good faith in all intentions, the MB president Morsy should have resigned some time ago, in the knowledge that his rule could not 'deliver' promises of any kind ~ whether due to the original minimal 'win' following the Hobson's choice involved in the election process and/or due to the impediments infringing and restricting progress. For, had Morsy resigned due to overwhelming unrest and in the knowledge that he will be unable to deliver.. there might have been a chance of far less polarisation occuring and a chance for MB supporters to evade the inhuman persecution we now cannot help but bear unbearable witness to.

Indeed, any protester today will have to watch out for confusion surrounding his/her stance as to what/who he/she may represent. 

There can be no doubt of the ubiquitous presence of a 'deep state'. Heretofore solid obstructions in the form of dire shortages of water and electricity have miraculously dissolved since Morsy's ousting. There was indeed no need for a coup. The word itself appears irrelevant; always in charge behind the scenes, the moment to step back in was just a matter of time.
The only way forward for a people, if only in order to try and get ahead of the game being played however 'grand-scale' it may be, is to think, listen and tolerate one another.
Labelling does not help, all it does is villify everyone under the sun. MB and Military supporters become monsters and demons, in no special order. 
But perhaps most poignantly of all, the word terrorist so bandied and trite is the one to be most wary of ~ if a bullet gets you whoever pulled the trigger is the terrorist if you didn't draw first. 
For the purpose of morale as was ever the aim of this blog, a glimmer of hope might appear once we listen to all the different nuances of Egyptian society as is indeed well portrayed in the link of a one-off debate held in London and posted here yet again.
Treacherous games and 'powers that be' aside ... only through thinking and listening and finding common ground can we, as humans, ever get ahead.


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