Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Nation handicapped

Following Morsi's speech last night, resignation is off the table as far as he or indeed the MB are concerned. 

Furthermore, it appears that this stance is accompanied with an unwillingness to address very particular and crucial issues such as the heretofore undemocratic voting in of parliament members which in turn would appear to have shaped the very packaging of the constitution itself.   
At this point the enormous crisis the nation faces teeters on precipices of galvanic proportions.

Even though many would agree that the 2012 electoral process was severely flawed, offering only a Hobson's Choice to the people...unless the route of further and timely elections is pursued, it would appear that only an intervention by the army with shambolic consequences can possibly change the nation's course and that would almost certainly not be in a favourable direction.

Cannot blog this 3 minute interview link often enough:

photo by Amro Ali

each claiming sincerity and allegiance to the Egyptian people

"Egypt's revolution continues as grassroots rage against fragmented elite" ... "So, we find ourselves in the surreal situation where many are cheering a new military intervention in to the political arena. Some protesters, remembering the bloodshed delivered by the army during the uprising in 2011, refuse to cheer them today. These are people carrying "No Mubarak, No Military, No Morsi" placards. But they are outnumbered by those who cautiously hope the military can force Morsi's departure and bring fresh elections, offering a renewed chance for a more revolutionary candidate to come out on top. Some believe this to be a step back for the revolution, but you could say that the return of people to the streets, on this epic scale, is a powerful step forward. Time and again Egyptians have refused to accept elite settlements forced upon them; first the Mubarak regime, then the junta, now the Brotherhood. All were exposed and rejected by grassroots force."...
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