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Antidotes Anonymous

Monsters and Demons
Oppression Unlimited

The labelling that has become so popular in Egypt is nothing less than dehumanising. 
EVERYONE is labelled and less human for it.
All incitement to violence and oppression is nothing more than a power game being played, sometimes so manipulative that it makes people believe they are the ones in charge and that's when blindsight occurs. 
figuratively speaking: a justified sensory perception without conscious sight.

Egypt's New Roadmap~ Undefined

Is it enough for people to believe in people?
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With anger making people unable to hear 
See only red
Unable to speak without shouting~ 
Feel disgust and dread

That's how violence is bred 
In the pockets of the players: The full game is played; cheering blocking minds to the past.
However, serendipitously water and electricity are back indeed.. not a coup then, just always in charge, covertly when not overtly~ just as the 'powers that be' continue to dictate.  

With recent incitement to violence and the Army's cringeworthy request for 'the people's' permission to come down hard on groupings of people rather than the more conventional address of thuggery itself, for which permission would hardly be requested... we have nothing less than a 'sanctioned oppression in progress', one targetting a factious part of society ~ regardless of individual tendencies or patterns of good or bad behaviour.

Demonising one group of people or another is not the answer.. People everywhere are praying for deliverance and on Facebook the words God bless Egypt are reiterated over and over again. 
Labeling 'point blank' every one under the sun does little more than encourage hatred and build irreconcilable differences even among the more tolerant.
"justjoinme"Facebook status:
"When someone beguiles himself/herself into misnaming hatred and bigotry to be patriotism and defense of civility, then we are on the highway to belligerence and nation subversion."

Another facebook status:
'....most are unable to see that the bigotry they so rebel against in their own personal space (and rightly so) is exactly the same bigotry (in kind) and  lack of tolerance they themselves exercise and feel so self-righteous about. The labelling that has become so popular in Egypt does nothing less than dehumanise a group of people. EVERYONE is labelled and less human for it.
...the power game in Egypt today leads people to think they are actually in charge when they are being manipulated to the extreme.. all in the name of 'cleansing'. Quite unprecedentedly, the people have actually been called upon by the Military to give permission to exercise force upon whole factious groups of society, not just the individuals causing mischief, for which surely no permission would be needed.  
... unless we start removing the demon and monster labels we have on everyone and remember that many people whatever they support are good people, we will find both senseless and premeditated violence accelerate. The thugs that are either hired or brainwashed or both are simply deranged human beings and they should be dealt with accordingly but the innocents around them are all being tarred with the same brush and that has to stop for humanity's sake. Tomorrow is a big day for Egypt, yet again~ and it does not bode well. We can but pray for deliverance.'

Overwhelming phobias and dictates~ when power is sought they are all equally terrifying
"The Egyptian people's embrace of the brutal military in Egypt is as baffling as it is burdensome to the country's fledgling democracy."
 "The Big Lie Egypt's Military (And America!) Are Selling The World" 
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"Behind the Scenes
This time the head of the military has been trying from the outset to stay in the background. The events of Wednesday night are clearly a coup -- the army has deposed a democratically elected president and suspended the constitution. Yet Sissi acted as if the generals had been compelled by the Egyptian people to intervene."

"Egypt's Cunning General: How the Military Plans to Keep Power" 

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Morale once again at an all time low
We can but hope and pray for better times

Time yet again to revisit first blog post?
Friday 26th July 2013
Are we talking bait? Safety in numbers? A bird's eye view does not provide the much needed comfort:

'On Wednesday, army chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi urged Egyptians to take to the streets for mass Friday protests to "authorize" him to "confront violence and terrorism." '

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