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'Death on the Nile' a Cat and Mouse tale

Solution: 'SMART POWER' versus...

The War 'in vogue'

SSI Strategic Studies Institute / United States Army War College
Research Professor of Military Strategy
Dr. Max G. Manwaring 
"We have become engaged, again, whether we want to admit it or not, whether we like it or not... in a fourth generation assymetric war."

"War is compulsion and failing state
It's not an event, it's a process: 
If you do it slowly and quietly enough people will go to sleep.. if you do this well enough, long enough,   slowly enough.. benignly enough... your enemy will wake up dead."
*With studies suggesting we can in extremely traumatic situations, experience tonic immobility; when we essentially ‘switch off’ from a life-threatening situation
 ... Unless 'smart power' steps in, not 'fire power'... 
Egypt may soon find itself 'playing dead'.
IN English with Arabic subtitles:  
How does the West 'manage' today's wars?
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Once upon a time there was a Super Cat. It eyed a land from afar, a land of mice and pigeons ruled by small cats in awe of Super Cat's great big claws. The cats found it easy to control the mice but the pigeons were a little more tricky. Not only did they flap about noisily making the cats look silly, peck and squawk loudly when vexed but most frustrating of all was the fact they they could, when setting their minds to it... fly.  
With the stage set and velvety paw raised, 'ACTION!' roars Super Cat, the command heard only as a soft purr from afar.The play begins.
Scene One: Pigeon exposes misdemeanors of cat and is brutally killed. Pigeons and mice unite, aided along by unwitting minions of Super Cat. Pigeons flap about while frightened little mice scurry around.
Scene Two: Super gnawing powers are given to the mice, putting them in charge of the pigeons. Cats lurk and wait, watching the pigeons preen their wings, handing out self-aggrandizing mirrors to pigeons and mice alike.  
Scene Three: High-flying pigeons seek cats' help to curb mice ~ resulting in further injury and death.
Scene Four: Confusion, crushed spirits and more confusion. Who will take over now?

Soft and furry with claws retracted it taps away ~ swishing around players, tapping and bobbing, with careless observation focusing upon its target's every move; gauging ambit of playing field and remaining in full control. 
 The giant paw descends upon a nation's back.
 Eventually 'apparent death' slips in.
However, only when high spirits are irredeemably broken can an end to the play be in sight.

 "US has had a deliberate interest in establishing global hegemony through military power since World War II and discussed how events like the Arab Spring threaten such interests, as well as how the US responds to such threats and how its responses affect the world.
Chomsky argued that many US wars as well as the recent global economic crisis, both of which he tied to the risks of nuclear war and environmental collapse, are connected to US attempts to maintain such control.

He also continually criticized the US and Israel during his talk as prime examples of countries that deliberately breach international peace treaties, such as supplying arms to states that use them to violate human rights, to maintain their own interests."
   Ramadan 2013 
Looking back on days gone by, a 2011 post:' When the dust settles'
Today the swell of grit and sand fill the air 
A storm brews beneath the surface, erupting at every chance.
Attempts to understand and deal with situation may start in a small note-book to become exceptional paragons of tact, tolerance and discernment, filling volumes~ 
or just as easily find themselves buried in a neighbouring back-yard. 

 Transcript of key points of address in video link:
"We have become engaged, again, whether we want to admit it or not, whether we like it or not... in a fourth generation assymetric war."
"Its objective: not to crush another military organisation or to destroy a nation's capability of fielding a military force abroad.. the objective is to wear down slowly but surely the will of the targeted country for the purposes of 'gaining influence and eventually.. in reality the real objective is to compel that enemy to your will and whether that type of war is as bloody as traditional shock and awe or not.... the fact is that compulsion whether it is benign or not is still compulsion."
"The objective is to control or strangely come to the point of influencing another enemy or entity to your will"
"The common denominator is the thing we call 'destabilisation'"
"Destabilsation and the failing state
Military forces are not all uniformed, they are not all male they are also female they are not all adult they are also children ~ we have got to understand .. in order to deal with them.
Since they are transnational problems .. we need transnational solutions
and we have to go a step further:
we have to use 'brain power'. 
'Brain power' is the main weapon in this context: 'Smart power'. 
It's not 'fire power'."

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