Wednesday, 5 December 2012

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Threat of anarchy

Shark sightings'

جريدة الوطن fb
Egyptian weather flag

EGYPT today:

RED  flag for WARNING is rapidly changing to BLACK for DANGER. 
Why and how peaceful protests are turning nasty and violent is what really matters and yet, this is exactly what appears not to occupy the minds of those who are taking part.
Rage, hatred and extreme animosity among two major parties dominate the crowds lured into an arena of uncertain outcome.
Protest is now a euphemism. 
Although undoubtedly driven by the aims of the revolution
 this upheaval appears ostensibly tainted.
                                                                                                 EGYPT NOW
 SO many puppeteers operating it that it beggars all belief.
Consitution and absurd declarations aside, having a front man take all the blame for absolutely everything is always convenient a measure to be exploited to the max if only so that the real operators, all seeking to gain control are enabled to manipulate the battlefield in ways we can only ever scratch the surface of.
                                                                                      EGYPT not so long ago
 All is never what it seems and even though the people's resolve may appear certain and adamantly defiant the present scenario is not only obtuse but one riddled by severe refraction. 
fbWild for Wildlife and Nature
If the Muslim Brotherhood is vanquished only Military Rule can emerge, in so far as prognosis would indicate. Perhaps one of these two organisations may appear far more shunned than the other, depending on which side your vote lies, however both have a blighted history.   Swapping image and reinventing themselves has become part and parcel of their very essence:  One day revered and the next smeared.

Anonymous ART of Revolution

Morale fluctuates between the high and the low due to fear barricades crumbling at every turn. 

Suspended but tangible is the sense of foreboding~ 
ominous the people's plight.

May tomorrow bring us calm. There can be no rush for any kind of democracy without at the very least a modicum of tolerance, on all sides.

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