Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Go Fish~ a simple game

The Egyptian people have a right to protest.  
There has been no relief
Alexandria today

 حلمت بالميدان قبل ان يسكنه الملايين
View more here:  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57557045/anti-morsi-protest-at-egypt-presidents-palace-turns-violent/
Post inspired by a beautiful if willful little girl called Maya playing 'Catch as many fish as you can'.
Where precocious little Maya is concerned, neither rule nor parental advice count for more than insignificant distractions.  
If the colourful plastic little fish appear reluctant to participate, then prising open their mouths with chubby little index finger of one hand and a firm grip on their fat little torsos with the other is no more than a mere practicality.  
Rod inserted, magnet attracts~ game over.
Modest attire aside, head scarves aside... 
THIS is an entirely different kettle of fish
الدفـاع عـن المسلميـن في كل انحـاء العالـم
 How does this symbolise our love for religion? Creepy outlandish, sad and stifling shrouds of darkness are now seen as epitomes of chastity and indisputable devoutness~ They have become the new Religion like the long black shadows of all light. 
Moreover and in all fairness: Tolerance, the key to all religion does not appear to be part of the equation nowadays, whether for or against its much flaunted practices.
Don't make a non-believer of me

If you are a believer you must prove you are one by not only accepting the trend but becoming uniform with it or else risk being termed a misfit~ at very best to be tolerated and patronised.   
Hence no wonder that the mouths of many are  forced open to catch the bait or else perceive themselves 'woefully branded' as non-believers.  

*"لا إكراه فالدين"*
No coercion in Religion

But for every one of those who succumb to such pressure and who are thus quite helplessly manipulated into the political arena, there are those who value their own freedom as well as the freedom of others: the God-given freedom of choice~ dress code included ~ among much more intrinsic and subtle values.

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