Friday, 21 December 2012

A Universal Bond

This post is in honour of a perception so intrinsically valuable to our world, applicable anywhere and everywhere.

Speculations emanating from hyped fabrications of the mind,founded and unfounded both being equally significant,are such as envelop Egypt today. With regard to old and present rule, the world of politics appears to have engulfed the whole of society in an aura of disbelief with immense distrust harboring the minds of individuals on every scale of social standing.

How important it is for a country where struggle is rife to break barriers brought up by superficial labelling and classification according to appearances alone cannot be overstated.

Tarek Sherif, in his insightful approach has tapped in on the very psyche that controls a nation in a global sense and as depicted in his study of Thien V's photography which is one governed by the capture of a subtlety of essence with an understated political impact. 

The perceptive article with its specifically chosen photos speaks for itself.

Tarek writes: “I’m in the business of translating what cannot be translated: being and its silence.” - Charles Simic
"The fundamental unit of Thien’s work is, I believe, the human solitude. This is most apparent, of course, in images of individuals."
"The political, after all, is a collective dynamic, defined by our interactions with one another. And the power of Thien’s work lies in the fact that the political emerges naturally through the composition of these individual solitudes."
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