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I address this to people who have read the consitution and are sure they are in full accordance with it. Equally, I address this to people who have no idea of the constitution.
Is it really the constitution that alienates the people and is it really the consitution that is the main issue of contention today? I ask, for I understand it demands legally trained eyes to decipher it. I ask for unless it contains new laws that are non-organic to Egypt's customs and common practices it would actually appear quite irrelevant.

Here is the crux of the matter:
A true leader should know when he has failed to bring a country together and with some dignity, sacrifice his position for the sake of a country's welfare. A people who have shed 30 years of dictatorship need to find their own footing~ Dialogue cannot be achieved in a climate where such rife contention presides, not to mention the 'trial-like' vote of yay or nay.

When will those in charge realise they cannot simply bulldoze their way through...

I do not expect to reply to lectures received as comments, for that would simply denote my point has not been registered.
I repeat, rightly or wrongly, consitution or no constitution: A true leader should know when he has failed to bring a country together and with some dignity sacrifice his position for the sake of a country's welfare.
Sh.elS: Absolutely spot on - in total agreement with all the above. However, on top of all this, you so well put, is, indeed, the constitution which according to 'legally trained eyes' brings us backwards and not forwards as a nation on a number of levels - hence it is 'the main issue of contention' today. It has 'alienated' people beyond any doubt - no matter how objective we try to to be on this matter.

I love Egypt

Salafi and MB members pictured in flagrant use of weapon
Photo: ‎الصورة دى مش فى أفغانستان ! الصورة دى فى مصر بعد النهضة‎

Friday prayers laced with political preaching to vote YES
leads to violence bloodshed and tears 


د. البرادعي : احنا بقالنا 1400 سنه مسلمين، ما اكتشفناش الاسلام النهاردة، واللي وصلناله ده بسبب اننا مطبقناش الاسلام، مطبقناش مقاصد الاسلام، احنا مش معترضين على الشريعة — with Eng-ahmed Ismail.
Pictured sad and despondent here, Dr. ELBaradei states: "For over 1400 years we have been muslims; we have not just discovered Islam but what we embark upon today is due to not meeting its basic principles~* We have no bone to pick with Sharee3a itself."
*Its primary purpose being to bring a people together in peace and unity in their aspiration to understand and reach out to one another regardless of the faith they adopt~ ultimately achieved through love for their Maker, the One and Only~ No coercion of any kind validating such a pursuit.
"Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding."
~Mahatma Gandhi

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  • amiT clever how it sounds like chanting~ invoking the spiritual

  • Sh.elS Originally a Sayed Darwish song - Egyptians need to be reminded of their glorious past -their heritage - lest they forget who they were/are - their vision blurred and distorted by their present predicament that evokes the dark ages.

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