Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lest we forget....

 In retrospect..recent sad and unnecessary reactions in Egypt: a drop in the ocean? Ambiguity of  pun vanishes when you read on

Saddened and incensed when a blatant injustice is tolerated, we here glimpse back in time only to see the present and the future. Reform may well be far away but it will drift further and further if there is no sign of 'listening'. We can only hope. Without that all survival is severely compromised. 
We cannot even begin to find the answer to the situation in the Middle East without beginning to find the balance; a very delicate balance,  unbiased and based solely upon a regard for all human life regardless of all divisiveness.
It has been said: 'Out of inhumane conditions arise inhumane responses' With reflection based upon historic events and present injustices, backlash is palpable on so many levels. 

Addressing an outrage as witnessed by the whole world is necessary. However, more crucial is what ensues. The fire does not go out and the spark is triggered when all pleas fall on deaf ears.

Saturated in flavour, bold and forthright, here's an open letter addressing lack of boundaries and respect:
May 31, 2011


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