Sunday, 25 September 2011

Spirited away

Beauty lies in modesty
Spirited away! Saudi Arabia Vegas bows its head~ Serving the One & Only? The 'money money money' chant blares its messages and the bankrolls ring in loud and clear. A feast for eyes picking at the irrelevant bones of history.
Egypt beware. 
Rather the droning of mega-construction & gabble of hard cash, than the serene chant of a Qur~anic verse ~ microphones in place will ensure that can never happen. But are Egyptians being too indulgent in personal freedom of choice and therefore blasphemous? Followers of the so called 'Islamic World' may indeed think so: Shout or be silent. Say what we say and lay it thick or forever be mute. 
Friday prayers open arena to infiltrators of peace.

Moreover, if you are one of those serene and at one with your religion speak not lest you be mistaken for the 'holy war tribe'. Throwing out the baby with the bath water may even catch on~ or perhaps already in vogue, helplessly so.
Eye openers everywhere and yet: Much Ado About Nothing.
Remember Him

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