Wednesday, 17 August 2011

When the dust settles

Ramadan, a month of contemplation, serenity and peace~ or so it should be. 

Many would say and few would disagree: Egypt's uprising “had to be”, no matter how grim or blurred our vision has become.
photo: S.el-Wakil

When the uprising occurred it was as if granted with permission. Its light was clear to people of all paths, of all creeds~ a clear unadulterated beacon shining forth for all humanity, to be appreciated~ in blessed as well as dire times to come.
In a land of sand there is also sea
A steeple, a spire
A minaret, a dome
One is my, the other your
Our heaven, our sky
Our ambition, our hope
Our dream, our aim
A constant
All the same.

Treating one another with respect and in kind 
Accepting a world
Crammed with tastes~
With flavours of mind.
To exist side by side, in peace~
With dignity and pride.

Our only hope
To learn how to 'let be'
How to agree or disagree.
Flawed in the comfort of our own skins
Virtue in others we may not find.
But for all such self-deception
Reckoning is never far behind.

When seas devour
                   When lands give in
                   When the earth crumbles in the wind
                   Our fight to contain   
                   All that is ruled by gain 
                   Where does it end?
                        In a people doomed?
                   A people new? Either way, a changed land.
                        Earth dust and sand.

Belle reflects:
I feel your poem beautifully conveys an essential message that humanity, empathy and understanding = justice.
I can't begin to understand the complexities of all the different political ideals involved at this time, but tolerance and common humanity must be the basis of a good society.
Inevitably, I think of our own riots in London and other cities, although they come from very different circumstances and motivations. It is hard to understand such behaviour, but there must be an underlying feeling of alienation and lack of hope. The coming together of people in the aftermath of the killing of the three young men seems to show we need to be united. This may be straying away from the post content, but you are so right in saying that this should be a time for reflection.


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