Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Through Egyptian eyes

Soft, warm, balmy afternoon
Farmland scented air
A swing in a berry-ripe shaded spot~ a wholesome picnic meal 

Purified evening Mediterranean breeze
Cooling down hot, sun-gripped days
Horizons reaching out to infinite dreams

with a sunset to take your breath away 

Dry scented Nile breath
Among shaded avenues green
Absorbing pulse of hectic scene~
Bustling encounters
endowed with ease~
Convivial scene

Divided, conquered, held hostage to rule
The game of power always unfolds.

When rebels are seen in the light of day
as grasping at horizons out of reach,
their pure and euphoric aims
made to look like undeserved treats: Then little freedom to aspire
for the cost is high
and rising ever higher

Elected presidentially to reign
whoever's turn it may be;
indiscriminate of origin, 
familiar rules apply:
Tow the line ~ survive..
The rich may get richer
and the poor
might die
Taught a lesson:
Hear it whispered, hear it yelled
See it printed, see it spelled
You have tried, you have failed 
Every time a little less
thoughtful of pain, 
a little more
mindful of gain.
 And for those of you who believe all is staged
At your own peril pursue the trail
Believe what you will
‘Tis to no avail.
 Deep sleep, entranced.. spirited away...

Hope lies in this, 
if only we could see: 
Value this sentiment:
'Reach out, embrace~
Seek unity.'

 Cheering ~ lamenting,
struggling and tethered
faced with the oldest rule in the book:
A nation severed.

Conquered, divided and ever chided. 

Our strength is in the country's breeze
In the wafting salt air
And the shady trees
In the Nile's soft breath 
And fruit of the seas
  With lightness of spirit
we might yet stumble
across a random old tune 
buried deep in the grains of sand
and layers of stone~
And close by, unearthed, may lie self-written lyrics
remembering, cherishing
'Egyptian soul'

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