Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Cheer or be damned.
Sympathise or be damned.

In Egypt today, human values have adopted limitations as never before.
It appears inconceivable for any individual to abhor the evil of violence unless it is directed at themselves.
The 2011 January 25th Revolution lies in partial eclipse.
Hatred and anger would take us all on the road to total eclipse were it not for dim memories of an unorganised yet highly principled movement.
The true time continuum has only just begun.

"If the Egyptian revolution of a couple of years ago now looks like a failed revolution, or like no revolution at all, it may be because the people toppled a figurehead but left the structure he’d built to support him still in place, partly because they mistakenly thought they’d joined forces with the very institutions most devoted to keeping that structure in place."

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The iconic logo of the campaign*
Khaled Said *
"STUCK IN THE MIDDLE and increasingly isolated from the rest of the now pro-Army Tamarod group, April 6 and its activists had to decide what to do next."
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* http://egyptianchronicles.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/tamarud-rebels-with-cause.html

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