Friday, 20 January 2012

Ta7reer flame kept alight

People need nourishment; FACT. But along with that fact we remain aware that 'nutriment' alone cannot fulfill their need. The children depicted starving in Africa over the past decades keep on doing so. There are reasons that go beyond food that contribute to this unbearable, evil aspect of humanity. It has been noted, not only in such decrepit conditions but even in the most prestigiously wealthy ones in the world that a child requires not only nourishment through food but very significantly through nurture. Nurture involves the stomach as does nourishment; organs of the body will gather strength and health through well-being and wholesome emotion or more tritely put through 'heart and soul'. 
Similarly, greater than physical strength is the awakening of a spirit and the resilience it bears within to remain so.

Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul." - The Koran

When spiritual growth, within or without particular religious parameters can be allowed to express itself and when tolerance is commended rather than tossed aside, the world as we know it might indeed be closer to heaven than hell.

But with spiritual decline manifesting itself in extreme reactions on both sides of religious argument, propaganda finds cause to thrive. In the age we live, we are all individually defined as either for or against religion regardless of essence and all anyone can do is hope to tap into their own personal sanctuary for  balanced thought and inner equilibrium.
"An angry man is not fit to pray." Yiddish Proverb.
"Anger is as a stone cast into a wasp's nest." Malabar Proverb

       Expression, skilled or otherwise are all part of our human propensity and it is this very need and ability that propels us forward as human beings. 
In the words of John Keats:
"The poetry of the earth is never dead."
We cannot put too high a price on any expression that finds its way into lifting the human spirit.
But for wings to sprout, dreams must be kept alive and like moonlit stars lift the darkness of night.

Should Egypt appear to stray it will somehow get back on track and it will continue to reach for the stars. The depraved economy and the currents that fight against its development and progress may well continue to present devastating scenarios and it is for this very reason that the spirit of the nation has to be kept sunlit and watered so as to survive.

Perhaps Egypt has, to its great advantage, valuable lessons in history, but these are often buried in the subconscious of a nation. When the threads of memory surface to combine with aspiration, the song only then  may begin to feel complete.
Reem Kelani

And for a peek into portrayal through Spanish eyes, namely Miguel Angel Sanchez's, here's the perspectively enhanced interview between eminently acclaimed journalists Alexandre Buccianti and Yossri Fouda:

Art itself may be said to live in spite of all attempts to stifle it and returns the favour by keeping us

photos: amiraT

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