Thursday, 12 June 2014

Where Light and Shadow meet

"IF you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Van Gogh
All the 'quashing' and stifling of breath going on today that so many appear to find necessary in order to instil national security may well be to the detriment of all 'voice' in the very near future and therefore there are those who plod on as it is just about all that anyone may have left: By voice I mean 'peaceful talk'; 'unarmed banter' be it light or heavy; simply 'empathic solidarity voiced and felt' ~~~  if for no other reason than to endure. 

cropped from #Grenoble
Perhaps we have little to hold onto but our voice is a human right as basic a need as air, water and food. Let's call it our rainbow and let's allow it to light up the heavy skies and keep ourselves hopeful in spite of whatever storm may or may not come our way.

Or on a lighter note, Edvard Munch may have had his 'The Scream' inspired by nothing more than a pebble on the beach as indeed found the other day

As for the imprisonment of journalists: Officials have recently declared their release  would 'drown' Egypt:

Yet the following is in lieu of charges that cannot be made since there can be no evidence exhibited other than: 
"Pieces of equipment commonly used by broadcast journalists, such as cameras and tripods, have been paraded in front of the court as if they were bloodied murder weapons"
"The case has drawn international condemnation. Human rights groups have called it a political show trial that demonstrates just how far the Egyptian authorities will go to crack down on dissent."

A journalist who I wish not to name here, referred to Egypt as the 'Bermuda Triangle for human rights.' And furthermore added: 'This is one of Egypt's worst years for human rights on record. Let's look at the facts: Thousands of dissidents & government critics have been locked up & are serving time in prison. Courts have handed down mass death sentences after unfair trials and we're receiving new reports of enforced disappearances, torture & other ill treatments."
With all the above resonating in our very consciousness, we carry on and continue to view images aggrandising police officers rescuing a rape victim. 'Indeed they are honourable men no doubt.' 

But why is it that such opportune propaganda has a way of shining on shadows?

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