Monday, 16 June 2014


CC ~ The obvious CC for Sisi aside, here's what these two initials may stand for in Egypt today:

CC for Cycling Campaign. It might be of significance to note that this campaign began in Alexandria in 2012 and although it was then both very well-considered and structured a layout, it met with nothing other than closed doors. 

 Now it has been renamed the Sisi Cycling Project after a profile promoting cycling expedition or two.

Although as media will have it, some minister lauded for appearing on his bike dressed in sporty attire was simultaneously criticised since photo showed piles of rubbish strewn all around him of which he appeared oblivious.
This takes us neatly to the

CC Clean-up Campaign. For some unexplained reason residents suddenly appear to have noticed Malaysian students (or perhaps hired help) 

picking up the rubbish and putting it in bins. As shameful and embarrassing as this may appear to be for Egyptians themselves it might well wake up the posher section of society since their contribution to waste in general would appear significantly higher than those who cannot afford much. 

Be it spontaneously brought about or otherwise (jury being out on that score) perhaps everyone will nevertheless feel encouraged and feel they too may have a role to play. Not before time? Perhaps. However, most crucially, the real rubbish problem facing Egypt for decades now is due to councils not picking up the rubbish in the first place so hence we now have a cliff hanger ~ Will they or won't they.

Another C+ stands for City Crime Confrontation, presently targetted at Sexual harassment with its varying degrees; once again as age-old a phenomenon as anyone can remember however one that has become progressively more audacious as well as more highlighted ... and opportunely so in today's climate. Youths are being branded with stencilled 'asbo' (anti-social behaviour order) slogans on their clothes and thus shamed.

So C+ would appear to be of Considerable Comfort to all Citizens or have we left any out? ~ Perhaps many who may well have taken part or who were affiliated with a Cycling and a general Clean-up Campaign 'of sorts' since 2011?

Chomsky keeps it real with his timeless quote and the great C+s are kept well confined within perimeters that may well  have parameters of their own.
May there be a hope and a chance, yes, CHANCE with more than one capital C for all those mentioned who still remain in Ccells to Ccycle around, reCcycle and take part in Ccorrecting Ccountry and Cconstitution without Ccombat ~ to do so openly and freely and not from behind Cclosed doors. 
Please forgive the involuntary stuttering effect.

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