Sunday, 26 January 2014

Morale ~

Contributing to the endless flow of low morale on Facebook and Twitter should be seen as a measure of empathy rather than a form of rebellion ~ of any kind.
Most who do so wish only for more humane times to appear on a very blurred horizon.  

Suffering in its many forms is not confined to any one part of society but the whole of it, whatever the position, whatever the side of the fence, whatever the ideology. 

For the present it may be fair to say that no way forward is visible and that the fine principles of the 2011 revolution continue to be thwarted left right and centre in one way or another and always by several rather than just one entity. Perhaps there is one thing many of us can agree upon, namely that all most of us actually know is what we 'don't' want.

Quite simply we don't want to be part of all the negativity involved. 

But unfortunately distrust and uncertainty can be seen to cling to every fibre of society and very little else is tangible in the very air we breathe, for too frequently and without clarity, basic human principles appear abandoned if not banished altogether.

Is it a wonder that two years on or rather three, in the face of such receding ebb-tide, 'forward-looking' requires gumption that is only too easily mistaken for insubordination and rebelliousness? 

Is it a wonder that different fractions of society appear indistinguishable from one another? 

Although division in the society is intensely prominent,a huge chunk of society is yet again left to feel voiceless, insignificant and basically helpless for want of a better word. 

With a people going about their daily living in a bubble of inevitable, unbridled contentiousness, all sense of security feels nothing more than a fragile and distant memory.

However, embracing flaws within and without; supporting one another when and where expression is needed are all part of a healing process.

The mind being a room: "Sweep the corners of your mind and the centre will sweep itself clean."


They say 'times dictate'; be that the case, then 'the times' should see empathy as being a positive step in the right direction. Only with some form of affinity for one another can a unison begin to emerge. 
Only with unison and hope can the purity of movement that gripped a nation in 2011 manage to shine through; pierce the sadly prevalent and palpable fog of lost humanity. 

And here's something of a fast forward to :

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