Thursday, 15 August 2013

One Fine Straw

"Enough blood.. not every supporter is a terrorist and not every officer a thug~ we are human beings"
 Facebook poster/ comment, lost amid images of blood and gore: 
 Sadly sadly sadly few seem to bear that in mind.. very few and even fewer than few.. everyone seems to think they 'have to' side up on one side of violence... a really bad bad world.. i personally don't think that true negotiations between MB and Military ever begun and they are both part of Egypt so that we are all stuck in the middle

Yes, not to put too fine a point on it: the Military and the MB with all staunch and many innocent supporters are at war. There is no euphemism for it, no rhetoric able to appease, no reconciliation or compromise adequate, no referral and in spite of inevitable lulls, no 'give' to the crisis as yet visible.

Opting out of this war is where one fine straw cast aside now waits to be clutched :
We need to diffuse the situation, we need it to de-escalate.. we need the authentic January 25th revolution to extricate Egypt from the mess it is in. The supporters of the MB have a right to their views and should not be driven underground yet again even if many of their objectives clash with the actual notion of democracy.. just as the Military with all the objectives it holds only too often clashes with a people it is meant to serve regardless of  political affiliations and tendencies; only too often retaliating disproportionately; reminiscent of when a whistle blower makes his or her voice heard~ a very rooted reason for the 2011 revolution in the first place.
Peaceful protestors of the revolution are a mixed bunch and now it appears that the moderates who wish for reform have taken to siding up with one of the two parties at war rather than stand their ground. 
Hope lies in a people remaining principled and leaning towards peace among all men, women and children ~ in a people willing to not only declare but show they are not willing to condone any violence whatsoever ~ in a people ready to say NO to both sides. 
NO to a party making Egypt all about their own ideology~ NO to a Military who should do no more than serve its people regardless of who is in charge rather than flex its muscles in order to subjugate and take control, thus exploiting a people's dire and desperate need for a restoration of order. Order and security by all apparent  assumptions, intentionally withheld during a crucial take-over of government by a party theretofore quashed thus rising in the form of a prime adversary to the dictatorships of the past few decades.
History is being made but never heeded.

Questions on a unending loop:

~Where was the Military when the MB were 'supposedly' democratically elected? Where were security forces? 

~The democratic election consisted of only two opposing parties.. the former regime represtented by Shafiq and the MB represented by Morsi, but Hobson's choice or not, who really controlled the services and the gloom and doom of the MB rule? Why were Egyptians stuck in the middle of this power play?

~Did the MB ever really have a chance to make progress of any kind visible to Egyptian nationals? 
Was it a sinking ship right from day one and was there even a need to weigh it down further? 
Was there ever cooperation forthcoming between various members of its parties and those belonging to another? Every party blames the other for lack of it. 

~Were we to leave all rhetoric aside, how did the country sink so fast into further and further decline? Was it primarily if not solely to teach Egypt a lesson?

~If it is true to say that the MB appeared to be rooting itself with its own armed brigade preempting challenge by the Military..  did it deem it necessary in order to continue to rule or simply to exist?

The Military is now back on top and driving the MB and many of its supporters underground yet again with even more dire consequences than before; significantly however, not all of its supporters by any means. We must remember there are supporters who are resilient and adamant in their beliefs and as far from terrorism as the very next you and I; a fact hard to swallow for some which however does not make it less true.

~How, without the proverbial straw's intervention will Egypt ever move on to new elections that include its very diverse parties in the long run?  

Generalisation and villification of parties must flux and dissolve, directional emotive incitement must subside or no form of democracy amid such diversity can ever be achieved.

Finally would it be fair to say rotation of power between the nation's constituents can only ever begin to emerge when a presently absent yet exigent neutrality is reintroduced? 

Blog link posted to facebook with: 
" Disparaged by horror and writing to gather thoughts rather than promote even the very remotest~
Holding out for hope alone.. nobility of spirit being so out of reach. Bias is not even possible as far as i see it.. all at war are to blame. We cannot take sides without being part of the equation and have some blame attached to soul if not to character. NO to what is going on, whoever is encouraging it, whoever is enforcing it, NO."

 A glance back at May 2012: 

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