Thursday, 22 August 2013

A fish called SiSI

Fluctuating tides inundate the shores of Egypt ~ Amid new silencing, media censorship, excessive propaganda and assertion of power and control, airing the rising and ebbing variations may prove vital for a continuously maturing perspective.

A new big fish has swam to shore, a victory hailed by many. Whether it comes bearing deliverance or simply fateful strongholds of control is at best a moot point. Either way it would be true to say that with fervour true to Egyptian nature, 'low-key' has all too often been abandoned in favour of laud and glorification, thus inevitably appearing tasteless in light of so much bloodshed. 
But even amid jubilations among a significant elite exists a national despondency weighing heavy, swelling and subsiding as events unfold.

Came across a facebook status that reads:
نــفــسى مــصــر تــرجــع زى زمـــان
نحـــس بــأمـــان وأحـــنــا ماشــيـين  
ونــبــقى متأكـــديــن لــو حصـــلــنا حـاجة مليون حـــد هيقف جمبنا
مــش ماشييـن خايــفــين وبنــبــص ورانــا

مــش عــارفــيــن نــازليــن راجــعيــن ولا مــش راجــعيــن

نــفســى اوى يـــا بــلــدى تبــقــى احــســن بــلــد فــى الــدنــيــا 
"I yearn for Egypt of days gone by~ 
When while stepping out we felt safe and confident that if anything did befall us there would be a million people standing by to help; 
when we didn't feel frightened, or feel it necessary to glance behind us; 
not knowing whether we were going out only to return or never to return again.
I wish with all my heart that Egypt may yet become the most wonderful place on earth."

Many supporters who remain staunch to parties established or to ones suppressed if not outlawed will adopt new survival tactics. Pivotal radical elements debated with vigorous controversy will carry their own weight wherever the tide sweeps them.

Opposing, contrasting forces will give rise to one another, interconnect and ultimately prove to be interdependent.
Most ironically, the hailing of Mubarak by some is equally necessary if only to remind the nation as a whole that the revolution wasn't for nothing. 
Which revolution?
A people's uprising noted in 2011? Or some popular dissent/ military coup eventually termed 'war on terror' that followed in its trail? 
Needless to say all forces come with their very own loaded implications, each revealing its own shadow in the light of day. And while popular with some, simultaneously seen as demonically motivated by others.

Potentially insurmountable parameters may present themselves but insurmountable is not a word we comfortably link with Egypt since 25th January and that must surely be to its advantage, in the long term if not today. At present, coveting order of some kind accompanied by even an infintesimal degree of respite may well appear to override all.

"Analysts say Mr Mubarak's release - if it happens - would be seen by many as a symbolic sign the military is rolling back the changes that flowed from the 2011 uprising."

It has been said over and over again, Egypt needs strong leaders to keep order established; order seen to be justifiable and necessary even when tyrannically bestowed.

Today may look overcast; dark stormy weather may well erupt from time to time but day must follow night and night must follow day so that the happy ending will be, to use the saying: wherever we may choose to stop the story. For some and judging by how quickly things can turn around, that ending has already come and gone. There will doubtlessly be many more.
"... posters of Egypt’s de facto leader, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, have become more ubiquitous on Cairo streets than Sphinx souvenirs...
But understanding al-Sisi is critical to understanding where Egypt is headed—especially after this week’s bloodletting, which has seen his soldiers crack down on pro–Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators."
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