Monday, 9 July 2012

A daily affair

"Although the United States has had good relations with regimes where political Islam is prevalent, such as Saudi Arabia, its policy toward Islamist groups that are ousting long-standing regimes or pressuring them to change is evolving."
Whether you agree with little or most of the above article, it may be true to say that either way it represents a view that is not uncommon: It appears to relate more cohesively to the commonly held perspective that where Islam itself is dominant there will be the radical beliefs that are flaunted by Islamist extremists unless these individuals together with their extreme ideologies are pushed underground by dictators.
Perhaps that is the very reason why we presently feel compelled to believe that Egypt has a very serious role to play; one where its hope and goal is to prove that Islam, a doctrine of faith, when applied without fanaticism of any kind, proffers guidelines that can only enhance rather than impoverish a society.

But Egypt is having to deal with much more than simple contentiousness. Side by side the hopeful and promising we witness clearly strategies that seek to sabotage the movement. Discrimination and negativity, some effective and some merely deflective are daily accompaniments to not only every unresolved point of discussion but to simple conversation between ordinary citizens. Somewhat facetiously phrased: we may wonder whether the seeds of democracy have taken root in so far as different viewpoints are being expressed not unlike what goes on in the House of Commons! However, on a more serious note: What are the requisites of parliamentary election? Be they presidential or military, which rights should rightfully be exercised? Moreover, should certain presumptuous liberties finally be excised? 
Answers may soon become clearer but for the present the jury seems to be out whilst prominent figureheads formerly in agreement now appear to be bickering and quibbling with one another~ when not slurring. Egos are possibly at stake and compromise of any kind is perhaps seen as a weakness.

With guileless simplicity, Naglaa Aly, Mohamad Morsy's wife reveals the party's direction with an uncomplicated reference to its dutiful stance, no more, no less, in a mini interview here below :

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