Saturday, 30 June 2012

A Good Place to begin

"Islamist Mohamed Morsy has paid tribute to Egypt's Muslims and Christians alike and symbolically swore himself in as the country's first elected civilian president before a huge crowd at Tahrir Square."

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Many would agree this was the right place for this address: Ta7reer Square.
With so many promises hanging by a thread, a clear response to several disputed stands is fervidly awaited. Adhering to any of the revolution's principles denotes the revolution's goals are being respected and that in turn denotes a fair and empathic direction has begun.. 
Morsy bowing to serve the people, an unprecedented pose
Every move Morsy makes will be either criticised, applauded, condemned or admired. The new president has indeed got off to a good start and every Egyptian heart that bears any semblance of compassion for such a daunting position and moreover for such crucial times will be rooting for Morsy to come through, step by step and inch by inch. Wishing him to accelerate his stand for the people by antagonising the army, known to dictate the rules and dole out the penalties, would probably be a mistake; thus, with this one direct step of launching an address in the revolution's square, Morsi appears to have lept several steps ahead, whilst simultaneously avoiding a hasty uncomfortable confrontation.
The process will take time if it is to be a smooth transition. The military's integral  role in the country is not only nationally relevant but sensitively linked to significant sectors of the nation's society. Those affiliated with the police force and army will only gradually recognise that no military rule over civilians is necessary if the military sticks to its job of serving the people. That in short is the crunch of the matter. 'One day you will find' 
'Every day is a new day' & 'hope springs eternal' and if those are clichés, which they are .. then long may they live!

Image from facebook's  'Officers but honourable' ضباط لكن شرفاء

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