Thursday, 31 May 2012

word on the STREET


Street art on Mogamma building in Tahrir Square, reading: "A true revolutionary completes his revolution." The work was made during the July sit-in and was later painted over by authorities.
"The true revolutionary is he who completes his revolution"

"We are all Egyptians"

 "The choice can't be between a religious state and an autocratic state. Then we have done nothing,"  
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Street art on Mogamma building in Tahrir Square from the July sit-in, showing Mubarak behind the scenes pulling the SCAF's marionette strings. The graffiti was later painted over.

Freedom to vote or 
sheer manipulation 
of voting process?


 A popular view 
among those who support the revolution.

From battle to ballot: Egypt's graffiti revolution
When papering over the cracks is not an option

‏Photo: مـــكــــمّـــلـِـــــــين
وهنعمل من الشروخ أشجار :)‏ 

Submissions by SaraH and N.Elkouni

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