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"Revolution is
not a onetime event."
 Audre Lorde
Martyrs of the revolution.
Location: Alexandria corniche
Martyrs of the revolution.
Location: Alexandria corniche

"I know and all the world knows, that revolutions never go backwards." 
William Henry Seward

"The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it." 
Abbie Hoffman
Egyptian graffiti 1
Jack Shenker writes: "And it's that energy which those who benefit from the status quo, from western governments to multinational corporations, really fear....."

"........Contrary to popular perception, Egypt has been a nucleus of radical dissent throughout its history, and certainly long before the anti-Mubarak uprising exploded."

Christians protect Muslims during prayer in Cairo, Egypt.
  Source: @NevineZaki

The revolution will be there in our ethos for a long time.. come what may..    
 Presenter Yosri Foda continues to bring us programmes that remain tapped into the spirit of the revolution rather than giving disproportionate attention to variants of it that have emerged since. Egypt is almost reliant on such programmes if it is to survive; if it is to remain focused; if it is to realise change with emphasis on reform and not regression.
 May Egypt find a way forward and may future generations reap the rewards however dire the efforts prove to be for current ones.

The Egyptian spirit is not under threat and if in this we believe, the way forward is inevitable, with respect to all the nation's lush diversity. 
For all acquainted with the Arabic language please find a link of a programme recently aired. 
May a transcription soon become available. 
Graffiti images being erased~ Mohamad Mahmoud Street, Cairo*

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