Thursday, 1 March 2012

self-service buffet

Clichés, too easy to reiterate are indeed present at every junction. 
They do little more than numb the mind; obstruct the way forward.

Conditions in Egypt are truly 'unsettling' for the most part but change is happening.

With former regime still hanging in the balance and those responsible for visible transgressions still unaccounted for, a bleak perspective may well be rife for many who continue to struggle against the forces that be 

Everyone seems to be asking 'who is 'they' ? 'What forces? Ostensibly, the answer may stare us in the face and yet we still cannot quite point the finger without risk, causing more and more contention~ individually, nationally, globally.

It would therefore appear vital that contention is necessary for tangible change to occur. Egyptians the world over worry about the present with hopeful prospects appearing only through a foggy haze. 
"All great changes are preceded by chaos." -Deepak Chopra 

However, acceptance and awareness that no easy solution may as yet be on the horizon actually encourage rather than deter a sense of perseverence. This alone, it would seem, may pay off in the long run even if corrupt attempts to absolve, perpetuate and reinstate a ruling that ultimately inters rather than delivers seems never far away. 
The thrust of the revolution will continue to surface intermittently with force equal to that which propelled it in the first place. History is in the making and is far from written in stone. 

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 "Deep within you dwell those slumbering powers; forces that would revolutionise your life if aroused and put into action. ~ Orison Swett Marden

The 2011 awakening is sporadically being doped but with stimulants equally present, deep slumber is far from being induced.

Times dictate that the buffet is open and self-service, perhaps obligatory to survive, is always on the agenda. There are those who will abstain, those who will go hungry and those who will step over others to help themselves. What we all need to ask ourselves is not what is for dessert but what will keep heart burn at bay> Self-service is of little aspiring value where consideration for others is not kept in perspective; petty squabbles and bowling over others result in spillage and waste. Energy is vital to keep momentum of reform going and without compassion its levels are severely depleted.
Until we have justice there can be little peace. 
Until we have peace there is no justice.
Using the law to vindicate the absence of justice can be nothing short of criminal.

And as a final note on compassion, a golden rule many will choose to put aside nevertheless impacts upon a people, a nation, a world:
We must never allow the voice of humanity within us to be silenced. It is humanity's sympathy with all creatures that first makes us truly human.
-Albert Schweitzer 
Appeals to all charities, human and animal continue for we have but one heart and  segregating is an offence.
When we turn to the protection of animals, we sometimes hear it said that we ought to protect men first and animals afterwards.....By condoning cruelty to animals, we perpetuate the very spirit which condones cruelty to men. 
-Henry Salt
And so, perhaps in the most dire of times, unless able to feel and act compassionately towards others in greater need including creatures mute at our doorstep, what mercy can we expect?

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