Tuesday, 6 December 2011

red button

It is not in the interest of any principled Egyptian to panic
Leave debilitating scare mongering to those with vested interest or to those with insular dimensions of Egyptian society
For democracy to be in with half a chance all parties must be aired and in the running
Whichever wins does not determine the fate of the nation in the long run
Or does it?
That's where morale comes in

The swing of the pendulum is at play:
A party quashed by the regime during the Mubarak years  may indeed now come to the fore 
It may indeed be its turn to run
If it does so  then it must first of all rid itself of the worst motives of the former regime 
which still lurks in multifarious dimensions  

and it must rid itself of appendages even more extreme

Despair is not the answer
It is only natural in a time of crisis to call upon  faith
In light of the new awakening any newly elected party will  find it 
to get rid of the greater part of 'goose grass' corruption
 and remember the most basic principle of all religion 

do to others as you would have them do to you
or : 

الدين معاملة
*"لا إكراه فلدين"*No coercion in Relion
With the new born disconcertion
felt at the present
and trivia addling agitated minds
condoning sinister strategy could become even more viable

So to all Egyptians 
with liberation in their hearts
and to all who feel for Egypt
Keep heads cool
Consider this phase rather an incentive than a deterrent. One that can help spur the purest aims of the 2011 revolution
Support the morale of parties that have yet to format their way ahead
No unwarranted hysteria
No change in direction
and above all
don't press the red button
just yet

cg: amiraT

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