Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Peeled curtain ► system collapse

The military has a job, it is there to protect its people, defend the welfare of the state and uphold the country's independence. That's all. Funding is crucial but who lays down the terms?
"Surely, if the United States truly supports democracy and human rights in Egypt, there is nothing to hide in revealing precisely how this funding is being used."
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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joscelyn-jurich/us-military-funding-to-eg_b_794536.html Adjunct professor at NYU and freelance journalist

 "I never expected to repeat the experience of five years ago," El-Fattah wrote. "After a revolution that deposed the tyrant, I go back to his jails?"
With the release of high profile activist Alaa AbdelFattah a new phase emerges. Although the charges have not been dropped, his release nevertheless contributes considerably to overall morale, especially that of peace-loving protestors and hopeful citizens. With so many more still awaiting release from incarceration and respite from military sentencing the end-game has not even begun to play itself out. The release of Alaa however, whether a mere tactical ploy or not can only give hope to all who remain adamant and true to the general ethos of the revolution, to the ideology of 'change'~ change which is steadfast in its pursuit for radical improvement; change  embracing the complexity of the Egyptian plight in general.

Mark Levine, professor of history at UC Irvine writes about "living the truth" against systems whose "main pillars" were: "... Living a lie...  
'If there is a better description of the war between protesters and the SCAF in Egypt right now I have not read it. But Havel also realised that enabling everyone to peer behind the curtain does not guarantee that they are ready or willing to do so. Living within the truth is extremely hard, and as he was at pains to point out, the rewards for the individuals who are the avant-garde of such truthful living are usually prison, torture and/or death.'
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