Wednesday, 23 November 2011

masks off

Don't shoot, don't shoot! Protestors shout. With chemical warfare being rampantly used masks are no protection. Doctors trying to help the wounded are nabbed and held in custody probably to be court-martialled, a jurisdiction now generously extended to peace-adhering civilians, whilst members of the fire brigade are shot at while climbing ladders to put the fire out. 
Protestors come to their aid and fight their way through. They are impeded at every turn and those who have lost one eye in January now risk losing another.  
Shots are heard even in areas considerably distanced from Ta7rir Square.  
 The Ministry of Interior, with tarantula acumen, has left its doors wide open but the protestors have dodged that spider's web so far and stood their ground saying they would have and could have barged in long ago since all back streets are known to them. But even though, so far, the protestors have refrained from transgression they are being continuously provoked, incited and attacked so that the situation is very precarious indeed. One protestor has said : All it takes is for one weakened, tired protestor to snap and there will be a massacre. The cheers of protestors when the fires are extinguished ring loud. Morale is what it is, never entirely lost even though submerged in a labyrinth of chaos and despair.  

NO to the sentencing of civilians by military tribunal
Pictured above: Alaa Abdel-Fatah, holding up the slogan for the primary objective of his campaign.
Alaa, among so many others, was unduly arrested and awaits his fate patiently.

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