Sunday, 27 November 2011

Inner Eye

an inference articulated in a Yousri Foda interview:
".... hosting journalist Youssri Foda gives space to three of our injured comrades to speak as well as to the well known journalist Bilal Fadl. The dentist Ahmed Harara, the blogger and activist Malek Mustapha and the photographer Ahmed Abdel Fattah of the Egyptian daily al-masry al-youm all lost their eyes due to deliberate shooting from close distances with what we call khartouche ammunition, a projectile with between 13 and 16 small bullets of different sizes, made of either hardened plastic or metal. Fired at close distances it can be lethal and if targeted at eyes, the eyes are destroyed. Ahmed Harara is a close friend of mine. He lost his right eye during the first revolution on 28 January 2011 and 4 days ago he lost his left eye. He will be forever blind but he went back into Tahrir square, right after his operation in the hospital. In the TV program you will see the young officer who fired the bullet and you will hear the voice of a shooting officer proudly reporting to his superior that he managed to get another eye…it was a premeditated campaign… "

                  Ahmed Harara (dentist.. no thug!) who lost one eye in January and the other in November 2011

“Egyptian shebab* will never give up, none of us will give up any more”, Report from Cairo Posted by Niel - O.T.R.O on 11/26/2011                                                                      * youth

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