Monday, 6 June 2011

Iron gate

February 2011 upon hearing hard-core criminals were unleashed from jails in Egypt. 
Reflecting upon my good friend's iron gate. Embroiled in legally-related matters, personal circumstances already stretched to the limit ~ now a national crisis on hand to boot.

The weather's grim
The mood is dim
The stars are quashed
Their light snuffed out
The iron gate stands firm

Embroiled in dispute

Lawyers with tape measures
Staring at the void ahead
Promises cheap
Extortionate in compromise
Police faces shrivelled in scorn
Jailed within their minds
Jet black bars 
Designed to shun
Now a welcoming comfort
A shield from looters and grabbers
Weasles of the night

In the morning it lets us out

It speaks not
But with a silent twang
An iron nudge
Imprints its mark

So when daylight flickers

We know to rush
Before it disappears
Into its black bars
Of night

An enemy within

An enemy without
A dim beckoning light
In endless plight
By a see-through iron gate
Discerning not.

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