Tuesday, 14 June 2011

From Alex with love

Date:  Fri, 11 Feb 2011
Subject:  A Letter I sent my Friends in Canada.

Dear all,

Thank you for thinking of us in these difficult and now beautiful times.  The past week has been difficult for all of us.  I dealt with it by trying to keep busy: I polished my mom's silver, brass and by cleaning house as well as taking care of my mother and seeing that she's comfortable.   We get a yearly supply of oranges and grapefruit from my mom's orchard in Behera, that became another chore.  After giving all our friends and neighbors their share, I was making juice daily.  These daily chores kept me sane.

My mom lives in a beautiful apartment building, built by the french architect Auguste Perret.  I always looked at it as one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen.  I've often compared the building to Egypt, that it had seen good times filled with beauty and culture and it was now growing old and was neglected.  It took the young facebook generation to restore my faith in the possibility of a new Egypt: the Egypt I was raised in.  This was a new day, a new world for Egypt.  I have faith in a new Egypt.  I have faith in this young generation of Egyptians.  There is no limit to what they can do.  I love a verse from the Koran that says: " If God makes you victorious, no one can overcome you".  I hope this will prove to be their lot.

Forgive my rambling.  This has been a trying time.  I'm glad I have witnessed the dawn of a new day in Egypt before I left.

Thank you again.
All my love,

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