Sunday, 23 June 2013


“The only tyrant I accept in this world is the still voice within.” Gandhi

Many would firmly believe that what we are seeing is orchestrated on so many levels and that a strong Egypt is not in the interest of its enemies. In the interview held in Arabic below, Alaa el Aswany, eminent Egyptian writer and journalist recaps our perspectives and as unwelcome as that is for some, others would find it very timely indeed. 

The more Egyptians unite (regardless of varied motives and incentives involved) the stronger the nation would appear to be. Sadly any propensity for unity is continuously ripped asunder and division incessantly propagated~
Trouble is staring us all in the face one way or another and when something is foul it should not be allowed to get worse, however solving may not as yet be part of the equation.
To unblock a sink you have to remove what obstructs the flow of water first ~ indeed just like the revolution succeeded in doing, however keeping it unblocked is key. 

Many in Egypt would appear to have become blinkered whilst continuing to dig their heels into their own limited outlook further and further with a growing intolerance towards one another~ but then, hard as this may be to believe, with only chaos envisioned in the short term, it may yet simultaneoulsy be a step towards genuine democracy one day, democracy which doesn't quite fulfill itself anywhere due to most countries' political parties being far too similar to distinguish one from the other and therefore difficult to choose between.

When funding is at the root of everything, all we can hope for is deliverance. 
We can read global affairs into this as clearly as we do the daily interior corruption we witness. Whoever we may be and wherever our thoughts take us, we can but hold onto hope and our faith in our inner convictions and beliefs.. if only so that one day we might find the love for Egypt itself be the one thing that rules the country. 
When we all agree with one another on that point alone ~ that will and can make all the difference. 

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