Friday, 10 August 2012

Good Morning Egypt!

Excerpts and links that tie into Egypt's anatomy as it breathes in and out today:

'Revolution of the Thirsty' by Karen Piper
"Welcome to the Greener Side of Life" beckoned the billboard on Cairo’s Ring Road, which showed a man in a jaunty hat teeing off on a verdant golf course flowing into the horizon. I was stuck in traffic, breathing that mix of Saharan dust and pollution also known as “air,” so I could see the appeal."
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"... it is requested of President Mohamed Morsi that necessary measures are put in place for the protection of civil writers, thinkers, and human rights activists whose opinions differ from that of the mainstream religious outlook."
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"Float like a butterfly~ Sting like a bee"  ~Muhamad Ali~
green butterfly

bee facing left'Egypt: stung into action'

"Decried daily by secularists at home and labouring under heavy clouds of suspicion abroad Mohammed Morsi showed he had teeth"

'Words of Women' 
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Mahienour El-Massry:
from:- Free Thinking Festival 2007 Freedom
" I think it is the same as labelling the palestinian resistance as terrorism.. A regime that is occupying you and killing you, and you should smile and say Good Morning...We said we want to bring down the regime and now once again we are working to beautify it...  We aren't working towards changing the regime; we are still in the regime".

by Carlos Latuff

by Carlos Latuf

"As activists we made a mistake when we started acting as politicians and not as revolutionaries... We started dividing ourselves into parties... 
What is an Islamist rule?What i personally care about are the social and economic forms, and the liberties. I hold regimes accountable on this basis and not on what they call themselves... If we end up in an Islamist rule by force, you are a human being and can resist. No one will force me to do something i don't want to do. No one in the past repressive regime managed to make me part of the corruption. I can also refuse any impositons against my personal freedoms..... 

by Amr Okasha

We Are All Syria| كلُّنا سوريا
Death hurts not the dead, it hurts the living
Only death is certain. When and where doesn't matter... at least i'd die defending something i believe in.. rather than die from grief over the people who died fighting for what we believe in." (translated from Arabic by Elena Cal Atan & Ethel Odriozola MonzÓn)

Links through Nadia Elkouni and SaraH

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