Monday, 16 April 2012

UNLIMITED..... Expression ..

This subtitled video reflects effortlessly what true protest in Egypt is all about~ in essence
There is no expiry date to this perspective.

The people are for the people
Together we climb, completing 
one another. 
Remain steady.

الشعب للشعب ...

مع بعض طالعين ..معديين ..مكملين  ... إثبت.
Whilst clinging on to their voice and freedom of spirit, Egyptian citizens desperately try to find something to anchor themselves to before the crusher descends yet once again. 
Confusion is the foremost common denominator among all Egyptian citizens. 
Farcical developments on all fronts keep controversy, debate and casual banter rife. 
The hidden 'game set and match' reveals itself only a glimpse at a time, just sharp enough to raise a little more contentiousness, alarm and befuddlement. 
This is how children have come up with a new playground game called 'Thawra' Revolution.
They chant: الشعب يريد   إسقاط المشير 'The people want:~ Down with the Field Marshal '
The people are in it for the long haul and the young generations have an awareness as never encountered before about rights, freedom and all that separates these values from anarchy and despair. 

Reminiscent of Pierrot
                a sadness runs deep                 
 City Band~ Voice of the People
Marwa Farid

Monday 16th, Coptic Easter: Egypt celebrates 'Sham el Nessim' - Smell the Spring!  
These two trees are trying to survive among asphalt and pollution. 
Mia Grondahl 2012
Street Art from Fagalla Quarter, Cairo.
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