Sunday, 3 July 2011

Balancing Act 
with thanks to SaraH.
♪♫ sounds of the past, present and future shine through with hope
Lyrics of the day~ hoping it all begins to make sense 

Cairo Train Station summer 2011
Photos courtesy of Mr.Asser Mattar
         submitted by SaraH.

The 7 Step Essential Guide for visiting Egypt today:
:)Training for Egyptians has already begun:
1) Confident strides & intrepid steps 
  2) Hold onto your dreams to reach the other side
3) Support one another at all times
  4) Onwards and upwards~ Never look down!               
5) Mind over matter at all times* 
    6) Circus training & pyramid climb recommended   
7) Breathe and relax ~ Be yourself
*essential for survival



Amira Nowaira said...

A metaphor of what Egypt is going through at the moment. Love the pics and the comments even more.

Anonymous said...

This is an essential guide for anywhere, anytime and anyone.

Sh.elS said...

Spot on once again - On the mark as usual. Egyptians are expert in finding humour in dire conditions and intolerable circumstances such as these.